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With our help our clients thrive!

What We Do

How we care
The success of Nursingale can be attributed to our employees’ knowledge, skill and commitment to providing outstanding client care. With the never-ending dedication and support from our nursing staff, we have created an organization committed to providing service we can all be proud of.

Client Services
Nursingale is the only non-profit provider of home-based skilled nursing care for medically fragile children and young adults in Oregon. Our clients require extensive and skilled care by licensed Registered Nurses (RN) and licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) under the direct written orders of the client's physician. In addition, Nursingale works with families to ensure that they are involved in decisions concerning their child’s care, and that they are in fact, the leaders of the home-based care team.  Our shift care also allows parents to be involved in life outside of caring for a medically fragile child, by making it possible for them to have full-time jobs, attend church, be involved in social and civic organizations and spend time with friends and family.