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2021 Employee of the Year

Rusty Bonham, RN

All About Rusty

He loves: his buddy Javad, his wife Mary Lou, his kids and grandkids, and his neighbors and his church, (which is really also a small group of close friends who share life in an intentional community.)

Hobbies: camping in the mountains and at the beach, jazz, humor, story, gardening, biking, movies, carpentry, and he loves sitting beside the wood stove on cold rainy nights. 

Highlight of this past year: biking from Pittsburgh to  Washington DC (330 miles on a designated bike path where there are no cars or trucks!)

Nursing history: he has worked ER, OB, med/ surg, ICU, hospice, AIDS, nursing instructor, and now in-home care. He has also been a pastor, and a teacher's aide. After retirement he hopes to volunteer at his local elementary school in the classroom.

Rusty and his wife completing 300 mile bike ride to Washington DC

2022 Honored Employees of the Quarter

We're proud that we continue to be selected as One of the state's Top Workplaces by The Oregonian. Nursingale is also a member of the Nonprofit Association of Oregon.