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Support us with investments you've already made.

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How to transfer stocks and bonds

To make an electronic transfer your broker will need the following information:
Account Name: Children's Nursing Specialties/dba Nursingale
Account #2C202609
Name of receiving firm: Merrill Lynch
Please also provide the following:
1. Name and mailing address
2. Type of stock
3. Number of shares
When you provide us with this information, especially your name and address, we will personally thank you and send a tax receipt.
You may also choose to mail the unendorsed certificate and a signed stock power, separately to the following address:
Nursingale, LLC
Attn:  Patti Sadowski, Executive Director
9900 SW Greenburg Road, Suite 290
Portland, OR 97223
Our Tax ID: 59-3796997
We're here to help!
Our Tax ID is: 59-3796997
For questions, or to notify us of your generous gift, please contact Patti Sadowski at or 503-968-2401